Statewide Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Manager oversees the Internal Audit Unit, Statewide recovery audit and assists with assessment of internal control and compliance. The Audit Unit also provides the State Controller the technical skill sets needed to perform reviews on compliance with statutes, fiscal rules, applicable Federal requirements, generally accepted accounting principles, and provides related advisory services to State entities.

Internal Audit
The Internal Audit Unit assists the State Controller in providing oversight of the State’s financial operations as delegated. The Unit also provides guidance on internal control, application of risk assessment tools, and other areas discussed in the resources links provided below.  Additionally, the Unit conducts training on internal control and compliance and performs related reviews at state entities upon request.  Please contact the Internal Audit Unit if you would like our assistance in the above described functional areas.



Recovery Audit

The Audit Unit also oversees and coordinates the performance of recovery audits to identify and recover overpayments resulting from improper payments made by State entities to vendors.  Under ., the Office of the State Controller contracts for recovery audits every three years.  The Audit Unit is responsible for summarizing the results of the recovery audits and providing a report to the General Assembly. The most current OSC summary of recovery audit results, as well as the contractor-prepared report, can be found at the below.