State Price Agreements

Strategic Sourcing & Statewide Price Agreements



  • Save Money - Volume Based Buying Power 
  • Save Time -  Competitively Solicited Price Agreements 
  • Protection - Legal Protection with Contract Utilization 
Common Items found on Price Agreements
  • Office Supplies
  • Paper
  • Vehicles
  • Copiers
  • Computers 
  • Software
  • Facilities MRO
  • The State Purchasing & Contracts Office negotiates, manages, and maintains all Price Agreements for commonly sourced items. 
  • Price Agreements can be utilized by all State Agencies, State Institutions of Higher Education, Local Governments, and Certified Nonprofits.
  • Price Agreements are typically awarded for a term not to exceed 5 years.
  • Details and a schedule for all Price Agreements can be viewed by selecting the link above.
  • Questions regarding Price Agreements can be directed to the Sourcing Specialist on the Price Agreement Page.
Forms for Price Agreement holders reporting sales to the State Purchasing and Contracts Office
For More information contact
John Chapman 
State Purchasing Manager
(303) 866-6191

Information on the Nonprofit Cooperative Agreements can be found here