Central Collections Services (CCS) Suspension


As part of the Department of Personnel and Administration, Central Collections Services has historically worked in reciprocity with both State and Federal authorities to provide revenue recovery services and comprehensive support for Colorado State Agencies and Departments, Statewide Judicial Districts, Corrections, Political Subdivisions, as well as Institutions of Higher Education. Over the course of time, the environment in which Central Collections Services operates has changed significantly. With a declining client base and reduction in overall debt quality, a centralized model for debt collection has proven economically unsustainable. After much deliberation, it was determined that Central Collections Services would discontinue operations in July 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does suspending CCS mean?

  • Contracts with external private collection agencies and the firm handling legal accounts expired on June 30, 2020. All debt balances residing with these parties has been returned to CCS. 
  • CCS will process Tax Offset, SIPA portal, Authorize.net, and physical checks through July 31, 2020.
  • In August and September, account inventories will be returned to clients.  CCS will not be staffed after September 30, 2020.

Q. Why is CCS suspending its services?

A centralized model is no longer feasible due to permanent changes in CCS's client base over the past several years.  Statutory changes to move to a decentralized model are being pursued. For State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education, Alert #213 extends the timeframe internal collections activities through December 31, 2020, and further communication will occur prior to that date.

Q. When will final payments be distributed?

Collections received in July will be distributed in August on the usual schedule. If any checks are received after July 31, 2020, they will be forwarded to the client.

Q. Can I still load new debt balances? 

Giải trí cá cược trực tuyếnThe ability to load new balances ended on July 15, 2020.

Q. How will my debtors be notified?

CCS's website (http://promocomfort3.com/pacific/osc/CCS) will be modified with a notification that CCS is no longer in operation. State agency, Institution of Higher Education, and Political Subdivision contact information will be added to the website to redirect debtors.

Q. What happens to existing payment plans?

Existing payment plan will cease as of July 31, 2020. A general email notification will be provided to debtors indicating that CCS will no longer be collecting on their account and that they may be contacted in the near future by the client or a private collection agency to resume the payment plan.

Q. When can I expect to receive my inventory of account balances?

The distribution of balances will begin on August 1, 2020. Larger clients can expect to receive their inventory earlier to allow for more time to resolve outstanding questions while CCS remains staffed. 

Q. What will the account balance inventory include? 

The client will receive back all information provided to CCS, along with any updates received by CCS such as new contact information. This includes name, social security number, address, contact information, account status, principal debt balance with accrued interest, assigned interest (if provided by client initially) and private collection agency or law firm that previously handled the account. Additionally, for debtors on payment plans, the recurring payment amount, partial card number, email, phone number (when available) and number of payments will be provided.

Q. What am I expected to do with my inventory?

Due to timing and other factors, CCS account inventory balances may not match client records.  If there are any questions about differences, CCS will assist in researching its records. Clients do not need to submit adjustments and cancellations for differences, but simply update internal records if necessary for future collections efforts. In most cases variances are accumulated interest or NSF fees. As a result, clients will want to simply adjust their records to CCS's balances.

Q. Will my accounts remain available for tax offset? 

Giải trí cá cược trực tuyếnNo, accounts will be recalled from the Department of Revenue (DOR) on July 31, 2020. Institutions of Higher Education currently have the statutory authority to participate in tax offset directly and may submit returned accounts directly to DOR. State Agencies will need to work with DOR and the State Controller for delegation and system testing, if deemed beneficial, for the 2020 tax offset season. For Political Subdivisions, it is expected that statutory changes will include the ability to contract directly with DOR for such services for the 2021 tax offset cycle. 

Q. How do I get a copy of legal judgments?

The firm of Machol and Johannes LLC handled CCS legal accounts. For copies of judgments, contact Machol and Johannes LLC directly at government.clientRequest@mjfirm.comGiải trí cá cược trực tuyến for direction.

Q. What will happen with Credit Bureau reporting?

CCS does not do credit bureau reporting; therefore, there is no ongoing reporting to consider.

Q. Will I still have access to Simplicity?

Access will be available through September 30, 2020. After this date, the system will be locked down as a read-only version available to the Office of the State Controller. While CCS will not be staffed, existing State Controller staff will some limited availability to access Simplicity to address residual inquiries.    

Q. How does the suspension of CCS impact the ability to allowance and write-off uncollectible accounts? 

For State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education, once debts are deemed uncollectible based on professional judgment and allowance for doubtful accounts can be established unrelated to CCS activities. The write-off of the allowance and receivable is considered forgiveness cannot occur without State Controller and State Treasurer approval. For Political Subdivision, this question is not applicable.

Q. What are my future options for collections services?

Giải trí cá cược trực tuyếnThe Office of the State Controller is pursuing a state price agreement for collections services, including legal accounts, which will be available for use by State Agencies, Institutions of Higher Education, and Political Subdivisions.

Q. How do I communicate with CCS?

Send questions to dpa_ccs_clients@state.co.us.