General Information

Driver Licenses / Permits / ID Cards

Colorado residents may hold a Colorado driver license OR Colorado ID card -- not both.

What do I need to get a license, permit or ID card?

  • Identification
  • Social Security Card 
    • Proof of Social Security number or a signed sworn statement made under penalty of law that they do not have a Social Security number is required for U.S. citizens or individuals who can demonstrate permanent lawful presence in the U.S. who do not hold a valid Colorado driver license, identification card or instruction permit.
    • If you do not have an unlaminated Social Security Card we also accept:
      • W-2 form (not accepted electronically)
      • SSA-1099 form
      • Non-SSA-1099 form
      • Pay stub with the applicant's name and SSN on it
    • Non-lawfully present residents must present their ITIN card or letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
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Where's my ID?
You should receive your credential within 10 days, if not you should check your mailing status with the 'Where's my Driver License/ID?' at .
The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles participates in the .