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  • Power of Attorney for a Motor Vehicle - This form is required when the attorney in fact will be signing the title document for BOTH the buyer and seller and disclosing the odometer. This form includes the odometer disclosure and is printed on secure paper to comply with Federal Odometer Regulations.
  • Letter of Authorization - When a vehicle is being titled in the name of a company, the individual shall present a letter of authorization to act on behalf of the company. The letter shall be on the company’s letterhead and signed by an authority of the company or a statement signed under penalty of perjury or notarized. Secure and verifiable identification is required from the individual receiving the title. If the agent is the sole owner of the company, a Statement of Fact, stating that they are the sole owner of the company is required.
  • Application for Title and/or Registration
  • Note: There cannot be a lien filed on a Dealer for Resale Title
  •  Application for Registration 
  •  Certificates of Title 
  •  Certificates of Vehicles Registered in Other States