Two-generation approach in Colorado

Two-generation approach

The Colorado Department of Human Services uses a two‐generation approach to guide all of our services. The two-gen approach encourages CDHS programs to serve children and their caregivers together, to harness the family’s full potential and to put the entire family on a path to permanent economic security.

Giải trí cá cược trực tuyếnWhen programs and policies are designed with the whole family’s educational and economic future in mind, and families are assisted to reach the social networks and resources they need to be successful in life, opportunity becomes a family tradition. Fragmented approaches to serving families that separately address the needs of children and their caregivers can leave either the child or the caregiver behind, reducing the likelihood of success for all members of the family. The two-gen approach brings all family members along together, assesses all family members together and provides all family members with opportunities, together, to be successful.

For more information about two-gen efforts at CDHS, contact two-generation manager Chelsey Hall at or 303.866.5310.