Golden Peak Youth Services Center

2901 Ford St.
Golden, CO 80401

(303) 273-2600

Golden Peak Youth Services Center (GPYSC), located in Golden Colorado, is a 24- bed youth center on the Campus at Lookout Mountain (CALM). It is a secure treatment program, serving adolescent males committed to the Division of Youth Services. Golden Peak offers evidenced-based and trauma responsive services to committed youth and their families. The program adheres to the Division of Youth Services (DYS) Treatment Model and is embedded in a culture and environment of trauma-responsive and restorative justice practices. It is designed to address the needs of the youth, which in turn drives the selection of an appropriate program that can address the individual youth’s risk factors associated with reoffending.
GPYSC utilizes Restorative Community Justice (RCJ) and is committed to creating a community that understands The Seven Sanctuary Commitments.  The 7 commitments that are practiced include: Nonviolence, Emotional Intelligence, Social Learning, Communication, Democracy, Social Responsibility, Growth and Change.
Golden Peak works in partnership with Teens Inc., a private non-profit organization, to facilitate Lookout Mountain Academy at CALM.  Lookout Mountain Academy provides high quality educational and vocational programming to all youth within the youth center. Beyond a high school diploma or GED, Teens Inc. offers barbering/hair styling, culinary arts, construction trades, and screen printing vocational programs, as well as several online certification programs and correspondence college courses.
The Campus at Lookout Mountain offers a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational activities, including softball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, a high ropes course, a weight room, a rock climbing wall, and a traditional gymnasium. Golden Peak is fortunate to work with both Straight Ahead Colorado and Youth for Christ to bring religious services to the youth.  Golden Peak offers comprehensive medical and dental treatment to all residents.
Golden Peak Youth Services Center was the original pilot program in DYS launched in 2018 through Colorado House Bill 17-1329 and modeled after the Missouri Youth Services Institute.  The pilot program brought trauma-responsive, home-like environments to Colorado’s juvenile justice system.  As a part of this model, Golden Peak seeks to be a safe and supportive, home-like setting for youth where they can address their treatment needs.
During their stay, youth receive individual, group, and family therapy to address aggression, mental health, substance abuse, and offense specific issues. Each youth has a Multi-Disciplinary Team tasked with developing a youth’s individual treatment plan which guides the youth’s care during their time at Golden Peak YSC. This treatment plan is reflective of issues identified in the individual assessment of the youth. GPYSC encourages family engagement through family dinners, the Family Advisory Council, and family support groups, and encourages a partnership between treatment providers and family members. Golden Peak Youth Services Center strives to develop residents into safe and productive community members.   

Youth Served

  • Youth requiring secure care who are committed through the court system to the custody of CDHS
  • Youth may be referred from any region of the state and subsequently receive services at GPYSC. 
  • Male population

The Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman - Phone Number: 720-625-8640 - The  is required by the Legislature to serve as an independent state agency that investigates complaints and grievances about child protection services, seek and recommend system improvements and serve as a resource.