Colorado Works (TANF)

Colorado Works

Colorado Works is Colorado's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. Through the program, participants receive help becoming self-sufficient by strengthening their family's economic and social stability. Colorado Works operates in all 64 counties and is delivered locally through each county's department of human or social services.

The goals of Colorado Works

  • Guarantee that county departments and program partners have the what they need to successfully implement financial assistance programs that are both accurate and timely
  • Provide job opportunities for low-income Coloradans
  • Support low-income Coloradans in both preparation for and retention of job opportunities
  • Identify and promote strategies to increase household income and economic stability
  • Serve as a financial safety net for older adults, people with disabilities, children and parents who are participating in work-related activities
  • Promote family and individual safety and stability, healthy relationships and well-being

Giải trí cá cược trực tuyếnFor more information about Colorado Works, view this .

Visit the Policies page for more information on Colorado Works policy changes, the Colorado TANF State Plan and the Work Verification Plan.

How to apply

To apply for Colorado Works, go to the  or fill out the application of your choice below and return it by mail, fax or in person to your local county human services office. Find contact information for county offices here