CDHS Memo Series

CDHS Memo Series

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The Colorado Department of Human Services Memo Series is designed to streamline and clarify CDHS policies and expectations of county partners and contracted entities. There are two types of memos, which communicate the time sensitivity and importance of the policy and/or expectation: operation and information. Each memo type is described below:

NOTE: The Memo Series may NOT be used to change, create, replace, or waive any state or federal law or regulation/rule.

Operation Memo  (The old policy memo is now consolidated with the operation memo.)

  • Provides more specific guidance to counties or other state designated agencies, where applicable, on how to apply a statute or rule, and neither expands such obligations nor creates new obligations.
  • Provides detailed instructions for counties or other state designated agencies, where applicable, to operationalize new or existing state law, state rule, federal law or federal regulation. 
  • Is used to inform counties or other state designated agencies, where applicable, how the department will measure performance compliance. This type of memo is similar to the purpose of Agency Letters.
  • May help resolve conflicting practices or interpretations of a statute or rule.
  • May cover administrative issues such as documentation, reporting, and database functionality.
  • Helps ensure clear and uniform administration of department-supervised programs across counties.

Information Memo

An Information Memo provides important information for the counties, or other state designated agencies, that is strictly informational and timely. Examples include announcements of grants that counties may apply for, posting of a Request for Proposal, a cancelled webinar or training, etc.

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