The men and women of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation throughout our regional strive to meet the CBI goals through their daily commitment to excellence in their various duties and roles throughout the organization.

Forensic Services
National Laboratory Accreditation, coupled with outstanding scientific training and proficiency testing regimens, ensures quality systems and integrity of the forensic examinations conducted on evidence in criminal cases throughout Colorado.

Investigative Services
Extensive investigative experience, training, and exemplary performance are requirements for the members of the CBI’s Investigative Section.

Crime Information Management Unit

Giải trí cá cược trực tuyến The commitment to accuracy and comprehensive identification and back grounding services, illustrate the everyday diligence needed to promote safety through identification of arrestees and civil applicants, assessing eligibility for purchase of firearms, and clearances for issuance of concealed weapon permits. And finally, CBI’s management and administration of statewide criminal justice computer systems requires continuous diligence and oversight of the technology and processes utilized by each and every local and state law enforcement officer, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Giải trí cá cược trực tuyếnThrough the common values of expertise and professionalism, seeking the truth to help where services are most needed, exhibiting passion, pride, dedication and commitment, while embracing high levels of education and training, the men and women of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation proudly serve the citizens of Colorado.

Biometric Identification and Records Unit