New Accounts

FBI Privacy Act Notifications

Setting Up a New Account for Fingerprint Based Searches

To create an account with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for the purpose of requesting CCHRI searches, complete and submit the following forms:
Click on the link to open a printable form

Volunteer Employee Criminal History Services (VECHS)

To qualify for the VECHS program, complete the following forms and submit to CBI for processing.  Please see FAQ's for VECHS Rules and qualifiers. 
Click on the link to open a printable form

​You will be required to send in your “Certificate of Good Standing” from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office (.)  From their home page, click on “Businesses, trademarks, tradenames”; then under services, you will select “Certificate of Good Standing”. From there, you can either enter your business name or ID and your certificate will be available to print out. Please include a copy of this certificate with your VECHS Application.

Private Security Officer


Giải trí cá cược trực tuyếnTo create an account for Internet name based Colorado Criminal History Record Information (CCHRI), contact LogiKco, LLC. at (844) 662-4146.