Identity Theft/Fraud and Cyber Crimes Unit Role

What is CBI’s Role in Addressing ID Theft, Fraud and Cyber Crimes?

 The ID Theft/Fraud and Cyber Crimes Unit is on the forefront of bringing issues of identity theft, fraud and cyber-crimes into the public’s view. CBI provides education to both the public and to professionals about current trends, Colorado State and Federal laws relating to the crimes, and prevention and early detection options. CBI works to increase awareness and enforcement actions throughout Colorado and serves as a national model for response. CBI provides support in coordinating multi- jurisdictional investigations and serves as an expert for law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and other professionals.  Contacts.

Giải trí cá cược trực tuyến CBI provides the only comprehensive Victim Assistance Program in the State specifically dedicated to working with victims of Identity Theft and Fraud. Our Victim Assistance Program will help victims with filing police reports, reporting to other agencies and organizations, and addressing and repairing the damage caused by Identity Theft and Fraud. Our advocates will walk victims through the complex maze of things that must be tackled to repair the damage, prevent re-victimization and restore the victim’s good name.

The History of the Identity Theft/Fraud Unit

 The Identity Theft/Fraud Unit was authorized within CBI by the Colorado State Legislature in July 2006 in response to the increase in ID theft and fraud in Colorado. Colorado consistently ranked in the top ten states in the US for the crimes of ID Theft and Fraud according to Federal Trade Commission statistics. The Colorado Bankers Association and law enforcement agencies were instrumental in bringing these concerns to the Legislature, and supporting legislation that created a specialized Unit within the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Again, in the 2014 legislative session, issues of Identity Theft/fraud were brought to the attention of the Colorado State Legislature. With support from the Colorado Secretary of State, Business Identity Theft was recognized as a threat to Colorado commerce.

 Establishment of Cyber Crimes Investigations

Giải trí cá cược trực tuyến In 2014, the Colorado State Legislature enacted legislation that authorized additional staff to investigate and respond to Cyber Crimes in cooperation and coordination with Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.

Giải trí cá cược trực tuyến CBI will develop and collect information with regard to computer based crime in an effort to identify, charge and prosecute criminal offenders and enterprises that unlawfully access and exploit computer systems and networks, impact functionality and access sensitive data.

Giải trí cá cược trực tuyến CBI will prepare annual reports concerning cyber-crimes in Colorado for use by Local and Federal Law Enforcement officials and by Colorado’s Governor.

 CBI will provide training and awareness concerning cyber security and risks to the information and technology critical infrastructure industry.

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