Forensic Training

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation Forensic Services proudly provides the below listed training opportunities. After reading the provided description, please click the link to obtain additional course and registration information.


Courses for Law Enforcement or partnership agencies only:

Crime Scene Investigation for the First Responder 

Course Description: This course is intended for patrol officers and/or supervisors who will be responsible for securing the crime scene and maintaining scene security until the arrival of scene processing personnel, or who will be responsible for processing non-violent crime scenes such as burglaries or recovered stolen vehicles.
Course Description: This course is intended for the newly appointed Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) / Detective, or those who need a refresher/additional training, and who are responsible for processing crime scenes ranging from property crimes to crimes against persons.  Topics included cover initial response / crime scene management, advanced photography, death / injury / human decomposition, DNA and biological evidence collection, firearms and tool-mark evidence, latent print collection, footwear / tire impression evidence, trajectory analysis, bloodstain pattern analysis.  Also included are evidence packaging as well as case presentations and a capstone practice exercise to reinforce key learning points from lectures.


Processing of Property Crime Scenes

Course Description: The instructors of this course provide hands-on training of latent print processing skills with some advanced techniques to improve evidentiary results when process a property crime.


Fire Debris Collection, Packaging, and Laboratory Analysis

Course Description: This 4-hour course is geared towards fire investigators, police officers, or personnel tasked with the collection, packaging, and submission of fire debris evidence. Topics will include collection, packaging, and preservation of fire debris, liquid evidence, clothing items, soil, biohazards, and the collection of comparison samples. Also included is a brief presentation of how the samples are processed, analyzed, and preserved in the lab. Understanding laboratory report wording, and what information does the report provide you if your case goes to trial will also be discussed. Additional topics of interest may be covered as time allows. Certificates will be issued for 4 hours of training.


03/26/2020: Broomfield, CO 8am-12pm (Broomfield Police Department 11600 Ridge Pkwy, Broomfield, CO 80021)- Canceled

04/15/2020: Pagosa Springs, CO 8am-12pm (Pagosa Fire Protection District 191 N. Pagosa Blvd, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147)Canceled


DNA/Serology 101 + STRmix Training

Course Description: This course is intended for attorneys who will be using serology and/or DNA results and the testimony of an expert witness in the courtroom. Topics include: serology (body fluids and trace DNA); DNA testing and interpretation (autosomal and YSTR testing); statistical analysis of DNA results including STRmix; results and reporting; CODIS; and preparation for testimony prior to trial. Check back for course registration. 


Courses open to anyone:

None at this time.