Forensic Services

Forensic Services is responsible for the collection, preservation, and analysis of evidence found at a crime scene. Our dedicated forensic scientists will work with each and every agency in order to provide timely and accurate results.

Available Services:

  • Toxicology - the chemical analysis of biological fluids for the presence of drugs.
  • Crime Scene - the collection and preservation of evidence from the crime scene.
  • Drug Chemistry - the analysis of cannabis and all controlled substances.
  • Forensic Biology/DNA - the analysis of body fluids for the presence of genetic material used for identification purposes.
  • Firearms/Toolmarks - the comparison of a specific weapon/tool to the evidence found at the crime scene.
  • Footwear/Tiretracks - the comparison of shoes/tires to the footprints/tiretracks at the crime scene.
  • Latent Fingerprints - the comparison of fingerprints found at the crime scene to the specific fingerprints of an individual.
  • Trace Chemistry - the analysis of substances that do not fall under Drug Chemistry such as fire debris and gunshot residue.  Additionally, this section is responsible for the comparison of fibers, paints, tapes, airbag residues, polymers, metal fragments and other unknown materials to a specific item.
  • Digital Evidence Analysis - the analysis of computer hard drives, thumb drives, cell phones and any other data storage device.