2017-18 CBI Awards Ceremony

The 2017-18 Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) awards ceremony was celebrated on October 24, 2018. A variety of awards were presented including Citizen Appreciation, CBI Service, Team Excellence, Distinguished Service, and the Outstanding Employees of the Year.

Ceremony Highlights:

  • Agent Jerry Means of Investigations was honored with a Service Award for his nearly two decades of work with the CBI as an arson investigator.  
  • Members of Investigations and Forensic Services sections were honored with a Team Excellence award for their extraordinary work in response to a series of crime scenes in southwest Colorado earlier this year.
  • A Distinguished Service medal was presented to Dan Volz for his exceptional work performed as the agent in charge of the CBI InstaCheck Unit.  
  • Finally, Gail Steen (Support Services), Heather Sczech (Forensic Services) and Kevin Torres (Investigations) were named Outstanding Employee of the Year award for 2017-18.

Giải trí cá cược trực tuyếnPlease see the 2017-18 CBI Awards Program for the full list of awards.